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Yllume is clinically-proven to brighten, plump and even out skin tone and noticeably reduce hyper-pigmentation after only 28 days, giving skin a radiant, luminous and youthful glow from top to toe without the use of common lightening and peeling agents

Yllume Laboratories has taken a revolutionary technology and the first one who use the ingredient called PhytoflORAL, an all natural powder extract created from non-genetically modified white tomatoes. With Colourless Carotenoids at the heart of its formulas, for both internal and external skin lightening & brightening, used for the first time in the world. Colourless Carotenoids are naturally found in the top layers of the skin at 38%, those deficient in these Carotenoids show signs of hyperpigmentation, sensitivity, acne and dry skin. Yllume contains high levels of these carotenoids thus are able to address these issues via a unique approach as never done before, delivering our unique lightening actives both topically and via the bloodstream at a cellular level.

Yllume is the only skin care system to contain these carotenoids and is able to address these issues via a unique approach, delivering unique lightening actives both topically and internally at a cellular level.



Yllume’s ingredients work in harmony to deliver a soothing, brightening effect, transforming your complexion almost immediately.

Yllume’s active ingredients have been carefully selected from all over the world and screened for safety and effectiveness and used in optimum concentrations for maximum effect.

Yllume is the only skin lightening system which if used over a long period of time is better for the health of the skin, unlike common whitening creams, if used for more than two weeks, can cause the skin to produce more melanin as a response to the harsh chemical lightening ingredients and inflammation. This type of ‘whitening’ effect is only visible for a short period and the skin darkens soon after.


Innovation and Efficiency

After a decade of research and development, Yllume has created the ideal skincare system for even, brighter skin by working together with leading laboratories in Germany, UK, and Japan. Yllume uses a world exclusive, patented proprietary ingredient called PhytoflORAL consisting of colourless carotenoids for internal skin lightening and brightening.

Yllume harnesses potent antioxidants, reparative properties of powerful vitamins, minerals and amino acid-rich plants, botanical and marine actives internally to effectively counteract the signs of aging. This helps to repair even long-term damage previously thought irreversible.

Colourless Carotenoids

Carotenoids are the protectors that give brightly coloured vegetables their hue and prevent them from being destroyed by the sun. The carotenoids that protect a tomato and help it flourish in the sun can also do the same for your skin. However, tomato carotenoids also contain the characteristic red colouring which is not desirable for the skin.

The discovery of natural colourless carotenoid is an amazing scientific breakthrough delivering the protective benefits of carotenoids to skin without the intense colouration.

Colourless carotenoids have a direct effect on skin pigmentation by reducing the melanin content in the skin cells.

The colourless carotenoids used in Yllume are derived from naturally grown Mediterranean white tomatoes, harvested before they ripen. With their active anti-inflammatory properties, they protect against free radicals, balance melanin production for a more even skin complexion, help collagen formation and defend against UV rays, protecting against premature ageing. In nature, carotenoids are also produced by micro-organisms, algae fungi and other plants where they also act as natural protectors against excessive radiation and oxidative stress.



Years and years of research and development paved the way for Yllume to be a household brand for several countries. Yllume’s products have been tested, used, and reviewed by consumers across the globe. Press releases from different publication show nothing but compliments to how efficient and innovative Yllume’s products are. As a result of numerous user commendations, Yllume also received several recognitions.

Yllume continues to commit, to strive more, and to deliver nothing but the best skincare range.



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