Yllume evaluation of lightening effect of a cosmetic product/ food supplement.

Study conducted under strict medical control at DERMSCAN France. ISO 9001: 2008 certified. Dermscan is authorised as a clinical testing center by the French Ministry of Health and the AFSSAPS.

The independent clinical trials were based on the Visia System (analyses improvement in brown spots, porphyrins, evenness, and UV damage) and the Chromameter System (analyses skin colour and tone (lightening, brightening, evenness). Hirox Videomicroscope measured pore size. Trials were carried out on volunteers over a 28 day period under strict medical control.

ANTI BLOTCHES EFFECT – The three studied parameters were:

– L* from dark to light – a lightening of the skin
– b* from the blue to yellow – a decrease in the yellow constituent of the skin
– TA° (Individual Typological Angle – a decrease in skin pigmentation

After 28 days of use, the tested products used in synergy presented a lightening effect on the blotches:

64% positive effect on skin lightening. L*
27% decrease in the yellow constituent of the skin. b*
45% decrease in skin pigmentation TA°

SKIN COMPLEXION EFFECT – The four studied parameters were:

– Spots
– Brown spots (cross polarized light)
– UV spots (UV light)
– Porphyrins (UV light).

A decrease in spots-number characterises the lightening effect of the product. A decrease in porphyrins parameter characterises the purifying effect of the product.

After 28 days of use, the tested products used in synergy presented a significant purifying effect characterised by a significant 73% decrease in the skin porphyrins quantity.

73% positive effect on porphyrins
45% positive effect on spots
44% positive effect on brown spots
36% positive effect on UV spots

ASTRINGENT EFFECT – The studied parameters were:

– The number of skin pores
– The total surface of skin pores
– The average surface of skin pores
– A decrease of one of these parameters characterises an effect of the products on the pore size.

After 28 days of use, the tested products used in synergy induced a decrease in the number of pores by 70% – on average -10%.

70% positive effect on number of skin pores
60% positive effect on total surface of skin pores
50% positive effect on average surface of skin pores


– Visible lightening effect on skin lightening – 64%

Presented a purifying effect characterised by:
– A significant decrease in porphyrins quantity – 12% in 73%
– A decrease in the number of the skin pores – 10% in 70%
– After 28 days of treatment, the skin was judged softer, more moisturised, more supple (54%), brighter and more radiant (55%)
– The test panel also reported that their skin was lifted and visibly lightened.

Test Protocols – Females between the ages of 18 and 60.

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