If you happened to meet her now, you would think she had never dealt with a single blackhead in her life. But when she was 18, Hossay Momand developed serious acne. It shook her confidence, made her anxious and very self-conscious. Hossay’s not the only one – but her response was unusual. She built a company.

Armed with a Master’s degree in __, Hossay Momand embarked on creating a skincare brand that nurtures science, innovation and nature’s treasure at its core.

Yllume was the result of a decade of Hossay’s efforts to create products that imbibed powerful elements from nature in its simplest and most effective form. During a business trip to Japan, she discovered some of the most advanced skincare formulas that are now used as active ingredients in Yllume products – colourless carotenoids.

While her official title at Yllume is founder director, Hossay Momand is also known as the awesome ingredient hunter, sushi aficionado and globetrotter. She shuttles extensively between UK, Germany and Japan, where she travels to work with scientists, doctors and researchers to find exotic plant and natural ingredients and create potent formulas for Yllume.

Hossay created the brand after dealing with acne and side-effects of harmful ingredients used in products to counter acne. She developed a passionate awareness about the importance of ingredients used on the skin. With skin as sensitive as hers and her personal experience with harsh products drove her to make certain that every Yllume product would not only be exceptionally effective but also extremely safe and gentle on the skin. After all, she is the first customer of her own products.


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