Yllume Cream Booster


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Product Description
A thermal and a cooling facial massage device that helps to penetrate any skin treatment into the deeper layers of the skin.
A gentle, yet hard-working device that combines both thermal, cool and electroporation massage for different results on the face.
The Cream Booster has 99.9% 24k gold plating. The thermal feature helps reduce skin allergy and skin rashes. It opens pores and improves blood circulation. The cool feature closes pores once the massage has been completed and treatment has been applied. It also reduces swelling, improves elasticity of skin and firms the skin. It increases electroporation which in turn helps brighten the skin, imparting an instant glow.
◾Brighten and lightens the skin
◾Stimulates collagen
◾Improves blood circulation
◾Activates skin cells
◾Enhance the effects of The Yllume Ultimate Illuminating Cream and Mask

Key Benefits

A range of options to choose from; Thermal and cool massage, Vibration mode, display screen to show the temperature and mode and the device does not make as much as noise as other skin devices. The device also has 99.9% 24 K gold plate to reduce skin allergy and rash troubles


Use device every day after cleansing skin for 5-10 mins. Use with Yllume Ultimate Illuminating Complex Range.



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