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Yllume Brightening Cream

Yllume Brightening Cream

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𐂴 Description

24-hr Hydrating Cream 30ml

A lightweight easily-absorbing cream that can be used morning and evening. Powered by a revolutionary combination of superior plant extracts which enhance the skin’s own hyaluronic acid production, promote elasticity and restore youthfulness while fighting the signs of aging: dullness, dehydration, lack of firmness and pigmentation. Offering immediate, long-lasting hydration and plumping power, this silky brightening cream also shields the skin from blue light pollution due to extended tech exposure via BlueGuard blend, which addresses a full spectrum of skincare needs.

𖥸 Ingredients






ALOE VERA - Soothes, moisturizes, reduces inflammation, and aids in wound healing. Calms irritated skin.

HYALURONIC ACID - Powerful hydrator, reduces fine lines, and improves overall skin hydration.

GLYCERIN - Draws moisture from the air, maintains hydration, and forms a protective barrier.

TREHALOSE - Protects from environmental stress, balances moisture, and supports the skin's barrier.

SUNFLOWER SEED OIL - Rich in antioxidants, excellent for moisturizing and soothing dry or irritated skin.

XYLITOL - Sugar alcohol with moisturizing and soothing properties, used for hydration in skincare.

BETAINE - Maintains skin hydration, protects the moisture barrier, and may have anti-inflammatory benefits.

VITAMIN E - An antioxidant that shields against free radical damage, promotes skin healing, and reduces inflammation.

Formulated without: Phthalates, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Palm Oil, Synthetic Colors, and GMOs.

.𖥔˖ Benefits

Designed with powerful hydrating agents like hydromanil & hyaluronic acid, it preserves the moisture barrier, as well as activating the skin’s own photo sensors to protect and repair from bluelight radiation caused by daily exposure to digital devices

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Brightens and lightens skin

Improves the skin’s hydration levels

Paraben Free

✎ Directions for Use

Apply a pea size amount every morning and evening onto the skin. Recommended for the face and neck.

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