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Yllume White Caps

Yllume White Caps

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š‚“ Description

Balance Food Supplement 30s / 800mg per capsule

Yllume White Capsā„¢ brings the power of Tomesoralā„¢, a proprietary white heirloom tomato powder with colourless carotenoids essential for both nutrition and skin health.

Yllume White Capsā„¢ is further enhanced with BlueGuard-OralĀ®, a blend of fruits and herbs beneficial for cellular recovery from blue light induced inflammation.

Yllume White Caps vegetarian capsule are free of gluten, sugar, artificial colours, preservatives, salt and yeast.

š–„ø Ingredients






TOMESORAL WHITEā„¢ - Supports skincare with antioxidants, vitamins (A, C, K), salicylic acid for exfoliation, acts as a natural astringent, and reduces acne-related redness and swelling. It replenishes phytoene and phytofluene, combating aging, acne, and fine lines at a cellular level.

VITAMIN C - Boosts the immune system, protects against oxidative stress, and promotes skin health through collagen production.

N-ACETYL-L-CYSTEINE- Supports respiratory health, detoxification, and glutathione production, an important antioxidant.

POMEGRANATE EXTRACT (90% ELLAGIC ACID), BIOPERINEĀ® - Enhances absorption of nutrients, especially vitamins and minerals.

MAGNESIUM STEARATE (LUBRICANT) - Rich in antioxidants, particularly polyphenols, with potential benefits for cardiovascular health and well-being.

.š–„”Ė– Benefits

Potent anti inflammatory property

Replenishes skinā€™s defenses

Hydrates and moisturizes skin

Fights premature aging

Reduces hyperpigmentation

Defends and soothes skin against UV and Blue light damage at a cellular level

Restores skin texture

Increases bodyā€™s Glutathione levels naturally

Prevents DNA damage

āœŽ Directions for Use

As a food supplement, take (1) capsule daily with water.

Not recommended for children, pregnant and lactating women. Store temperature not exceeding 25Ā°C.

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