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Yllume Brightening Deo

Yllume Brightening Deo

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𐂴 Description

Ultimate Hair Inhibit Complex 50ml

A gentle, yet hard-working deodorant that reduces the prominence and density of armpit hair over just 4 weeks. Rather than a hair-removal cream, it stunts future hair growth by targeting it with inhibiting ingredients after it’s already been removed by wax or razor. Made with a high concentration of hair growth prevention ingredients, the formula uses plant based Chelidonine to slow down hair growth. As a result, many hairs never grow while using Yllume Brightening Deo while those which do grow to a lesser degree. This action reduces the apparent amount of hairs, and impairs overall hair quality, minimizing the need for hair removal.

𖥸 Ingredients







COLOURLESS CAROTENOIDS - Protect skin from UV damage, maintain skin health, even skin tone, and offer anti-aging effects.

CHELIDONINE - Soothes sensitive or irritated skin with potential analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

ALUM CRYSTAL (POTASSIUM ALUM) - Acts as a natural deodorant, inhibits odor-causing bacteria, tightens skin, and reduces pores.

JOJOBA SEED OIL - Moisturizes, regulates oil for all skin types, and soothes skin.

SQUALENE - Emollient, moisturizes, protects against free radicals, and enhances skin hydration.

.𖥔˖ Benefits

Works to deliver skin that’s even toned and protected for 24-hours

Contains chelidonine extract to inhibit hair growth and texture, colourless carotenoids to lighten skin, and Alum Rock Crystal as anti perspirant

Evens skin tone

Inhibits hair growth

Lightens skin

✎ Directions for Use

Apply evenly on freshly shaved or waxed body areas twice a day for two months, or until armpit-hair appears nearly invisible. Application can then be reduced to preference.

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